Stephany Lapierre

CEO at TealBook

Stephany Lapierre is the current CEO at TealBook. Prior to their current position, Stephany was with IADQGA, Georgia Tech Research Institute, and the Institute for Supply Management. Stephany has also held various positions within the healthcare industry on the supplier and client side. In their most recent position before TealBook, Stephany was the Director of Business Development for US expansion at CTC Communications / Elixir Healthcare Communications. Stephany has a wealth of experience in the field and is highly regarded as an expert in their field.

Stephany Lapierre attended the University of Guelph where they earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business/Commerce, Marketing & Management.

Some individuals on their team include Arnold Liwanag - CTO, Brian Tarble - VP, Product, and Angela Anastasakis - Vice President of Customer Success.



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