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Org chart

J.B. Wood
President & CEO

J.B. Wood

Thomas Lah
Executive Director & EVP
Dilip Kumar
EVP, Services Transformation
Tom Rich
SVP, Operations
Andrew Cromey
SVP, Member Success
Jerome Peck
SVP, Product & Marketing
René Grossrieder
SVP, Global Sales
Paul Kent
SVP, Events
Dina Rutledge
VP, Finance & Human Resources
Anne McClelland
VP, XaaS Channel Optimization Research
George Humphrey
VP & Managing Director, Service, Delivery Research & Advisory
Jack Johnson
VP, Customer Growth & Renewal Research
Laura Fay
VP & Managing Director, Products & Offers Research & Advisory
Steve Frost
VP & Managing Director, Revenue Research & Advisory
Vele Galovski
VP, Support & Field Services Research
Stephen Fulkerson
VP, Customer Success Research
Scott Webb
VP, HPE Services, Customer Experience Americas
John Ragsdale
Distinguished Researcher, VP Technology Ecosystems
Maria Manning-Chapman
Distinguished VP, Education Services Research
Bo Di Muccio
Distinguished VP, Professional Services Research & VP, TSIA Advisory Delivery
Harald Kopp
Director, Industrial Services Research
Luke Ronkowski
Director, Managed Services Research
Tricia Krueger
Principal Member Success Manager