Jio Tesseract

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Tesseract Inc. is a MIT spin-off creating holographic cameras and headsets that work with your smartphone.






Org chart

Kshitij Marwah

Kshitij Marwah

Amit Asthana
Enterprise Head- Marketing & Business Growth Strategy
Krishnamoorthy C.
Director Of SW Engineering
Vishal Khandelwal
Product Manager
Abhishek Singh
Senior Delivery Manager
Sujesh Kanojia
Sr. Manager - Mechanical Design
Navin Jampala
Senior Product Manager
Ninad Kotasthane
User Experience Designer
Rahul .
Product Manager - 4
Ansari Asmat Ali
Senior Hardware Design Engineer
Aakash Soni
Sr. Software Development Engineer
Rajat Gabhane
Senior Software Developer
Shikhar Shukla
Developer Partner
Sushank Kudkar
Sr. Software Development Engineer
Ujjwal Goyal
Software Engineer
Vikalp Chaurasia
Senior Software Engineer
Abhishek Mande
Senior Software Development Engineer
Dinesh Kumar
Jio Mixed Reality Indie Developer
Sundar Mahalingam
Jio Developer Program
Virendra Verma
Unity Developer
Asmita Udpikar
Software QA Engineer
Azruddin Nadaf
Senior Quality Assurance Engineer
Nitheesh Murugadas
Quality Assurance Engineer
Pratham Kale
Quality Assurance Engineer
Saiuday Patel
QA Engineer
Shivam Singh
Senior Test Engineer
Aseem Choudhary
Senior Software Developer
Shreyansh Anchlia
Software Development Engineer