Delphine Gény-Stephann

Director at Thales Group

Delphine Gény-Stephann is a French businesswoman and the current director at the Thales Group. Delphine has over two decades of experience in finance and has held various positions in the French government.

Gény-Stephann began their career in 1999 as a chief bureau at the Direction du Trésor in the Ministry of Finance. In 2000, they transferred to the Ministry of Economy and Finance as a chief bureau before being promoted to Chef de bureau at the Agence des participations de l'Etat in 2002.

In 2005, Gény-Stephann left the government to join Saint-Gobain as a financial manager for ceramic materials. Delphine stayed with the company for seven years before moving on to the Thales Group in 2012.

In 2017, Gény-Stephann rejoined the government as a Secretary of State under the Minister of Economy and Finance. Delphine held this position for a year before returning to their current role at the Thales Group.


  • Director

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