Jennifer Simpson

Lead Designer at The Perfect Jean


Former awesome bartender.

NOW - A resourceful & enthusiastic apparel designer with over 12+ years of experience in a variety of different categories & price points. Garment construction, illustration, graphic design, pattern design, and trim package development are my game. Jen is my name :)

Attention to detail, problem-solving, and multi-tasking ability in a fast-paced environment are all important to me.

Other than The Perfect Jean, my favorite brands include Rag & Bone, G-Star, Nike, Gucci, and Supreme.

I'm passionate about art, animals, travel, sports, knitting, space, & ancient civilizations.

I listen to music while I work :)

Bachelor’s in Textiles, Merchandising, & Design from University of Rhode Island.

What’s my definition of success 🏆 If I’m happy & achieve the goals I set out for myself, then I have succeeded.

My communication style 🗣 I’d rather text

Qualities I value 😃 Humility, honesty, creativity, trustworthiness, & optimism

Pet peeves 😒 When people blast a video or music in a public place & don’t use headphones

What do people misunderstand about me 🧐 That I’m very shy and get extremely nervous when I’m uncomfortable or put on the spot.

Fun fact about me 💡 I was bite by a horse when I was 10 and I still have scar tissue from the bite. I also learned how to surf in New England during winter in the freezing ocean

Favorite Movie 🎥 Tie between Moonrise Kingdom & Stardust

Favorite Food 🍴Another Tie between Dumplings and Buffalo Wings

Favorite Music 🎶 90’s Metal/Alternative & Hip Hop

If you could be any super hero who would it be and why? 🦸‍♂‍ 🦸‍♀‍ Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy), because they live in space & she kicks A#$!!

What are some of your best / worst work habits? ⚙️ Best habit is I am dedicated to my work & have a strong work ethic. Worst habit is tardiness & focusing too much on one thing when I should move on.

What motivates you 🥕 Newness & achieving a goal

Hobbies / Interests outside of work 💃 🕺 Knitting, going for walks/hikes, riding bikes, dance classes, softball, swimming, sewing projects, & jumping into any opportunity to learn something new.


New York, United States


  • Lead Designer

    March, 2019 - present

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