Elizabeth Spayne

VP, Marketing at The Planet Group

Elizabeth Spayne is currently the VP of Marketing at The Planet Group. Elizabeth has over 20 years of experience in marketing and communications, including re-establishing the marketing function at WinterWyman after an economic downturn.

At WinterWyman, Elizabeth led a team of award-winning marketing and social media all stars, helping to grow the company's revenue from $36M to $105M. Elizabeth also helped set WinterWyman's business strategy as a member of the executive team.

Elizabeth has also worked as the Director of Marketing at Keystone Partners and as the Corporate Communications Manager at CareMatrix. In both positions, they were responsible for developing and executing marketing strategies, positioning their company as an expert in its field.

Elizabeth is a skilled communicator with a proven track record of success in marketing and communications. Elizabeth is a strategic thinker who can develop and execute creative solutions to complex problems. Elizabeth is a dynamic leader with a passion for their work and a commitment to excellence.

Elizabeth Spayne earned their bachelor's degree in marketing from Providence College.

Elizabeth Spayne reports to Michael Stomberg, CEO. Some of their coworkers include Philip Monti - CFO, Andrew Streiter - President, Planet Forward, and Dustin Abbs - Director, Corporate Development.


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