Jeanene Bettner

Chief of Staff & MD at Thornburg Investment Management


Jeanene Bettner is chief of staff for Thornburg Investment Management, Inc. She joined Thornburg in 2014 as the director of CRM and in 2017 helped launch an initiative to create a sales and marketing data analytics team to support the essential need to become a data-driven firm. Continuing the theme of driving and managing change across the organization, Jeanene became the director of Thornburg’s project management office in 2019, building a team of business analysts and project managers to support the foundational shift away from on-premise software applications to include outsourced and cloud-based infrastructure solutions to support middle- and back-office operations. In 2021, Jeanene was named chief of staff in support of Thornburg’s CEO, Jason Brady. In this role, Jeanene continues to be responsible for initiating and driving technology and data solutions deeper into the organization, along with program management for new product releases and helping to manage and prioritize the resources related to strategic initiatives across the company.

After receiving a bachelor’s degree from Indiana University’s Kelly School of Business, Jeanene started her technology-based sales career in 1982 with IBM in Indianapolis, Indiana, working with financial services firms. Over the years as the technology industry shifted to software applications, Jeanene worked for various software technology startups as well as large software entities such as SAP. She shifted to sales operations and project management in 2010 and worked for Early Warning Services (banking consortium that founded Zelle) in Scottsdale, Arizona, prior to joining Thornburg.


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