Abisola Alaka

Social Content Creator at Threads Styling

Abisola Alaka has a diverse range of work experience in the fashion industry. Abisola started their career as a Sales Consultant at Hobbs London in November 2011 and worked there until July 2014. In October 2013 to March 2014, they also worked as an Assistant Fashion Stylist for an undisclosed company.

From August 2014 to May 2016, Alaka was a VIP Personal Shopper Team Leader at Heathrow. Following that, they worked as an Assistant Personal Stylist at Boutique 1 Group LLC from June 2016 to September 2017. Abisola'sresponsibilities included assisting with ecommerce styling, providing styling advice to clients, and organizing VIP events.

In January 2019, Alaka became the Head of Personal Styling at Florence H Luxury Boutique. Abisola'srole involved overseeing walk-in and by appointment clients, creating lookbooks/mood boards, representing the brand at events, and providing staff training. Abisola left the company in January 2020.

In July 2020, Alaka joined Koibird as a Personal Stylist (Social Media Trainee). Abisola'sresponsibilities included creating personalized style edits, providing home styling services, optimizing social media platforms, and utilizing their personal social media platforms to advertise products. Abisola also supported the creative team and utilized video/photo content for Instagram and TikTok. Abisola'semployment with Koibird ended in April 2023.

Most recently, Alaka worked as a Freelance Fashion Stylist and Digital Content Creator under their own name, starting in September 2017. Abisola provided styling services and created digital content for various clients.

Currently, Alaka is employed as a Social Content Creator at Threads Styling, starting in June 2023.

Abisola Alaka studied at the University of Northampton from 2009 to 2013, where they earned a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Fashion Marketing. In 2021, they enrolled in City Lit, where they pursued a course in Introduction to Social Media & Data Analytics. The end year for this program is unknown.



  • Social Content Creator

    June, 2023 - present