Zvi Alon

CEO and Chairman at Tigo Energy

Zvi Alon is the CEO and Chairman of Tigo Energy, Inc. In Silicon Valley, he has had a successful business career over the last 30 years as an executive, partner, and advisor to various venture capital groups in high tech, clean tech, and real estate. Internationally, he has served as chairman, chief executive, president, and founder of several companies - two of which IPO'ed into the public market: NetManage in the US and NetVision in Israel. Most of his investment activities have been focused in the US, Israel, and China with worldwide beneficiaries.

Zvi is the Founder and Chairman of the California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC). The CICC is a not-for-profit, non-governmental membership-supported organization dedicated to strengthening business and trade relations between California and Israel. The CICC is serving its +5,000 companies, business executives, and investor members by proactively supporting joint venture programs between the two communities.

Zvi is a Co-Founder of the California Israel Angels (CIA). The CIA's investment focus is driven by opportunities that combine activities in both California and Israel.

Zvi serves as a Vice Chairman for one of the leading universities in Israel, Ben Gurion University, known for advanced research in green technology, clean energy, medical, and advanced nanotechnology. He donated and dedicated a research building for advanced studies at the university.

Zvi is well known for his philanthropic efforts in the Bay Area of California and in Israel. In 1995, he established The Alon Family Foundation for the purpose of improving the quality of resources for charitable organizations. Contributions have been made specifically in the fields of education, medicine, and social services.



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