David Derrick

CEO at Tula Health

David is a science and technology entrepreneur who has successfully started several technology companies from scratch, including the following: Vantage Lighting Systems - A leader in the smart home industry, Vantage Lighting Systems was founded in the mid-1980s when it pioneered smart home technology. RemoteMDx - Created in the early 2000s, RemoteMDx’s mission was to bring medical technologies to market, including remote monitoring of the elderly. It began with the help of Battelle Memorial Institute (a large scientific engineering group that manages several of the national labs and is also the creator of Xerox) and the manufacturer/investment partner of Panasonic. At its peak, RemoteMDx had over 50,000 members and was later sold. Tracker Group (SecureAlert) - Founded in 2001, SecureAlert was the early adopter and industry leader in the development and commercialization of GPS tracking technologies. The early development was pioneered in partnership with Panasonic. Today Tracker Group has about $40 million in revenues and at its peak had a market capitalization in excess of $600 million. Biotelemetry/ActiveCare - A leader in the remote diabetes monitoring industry, ActiveCare started to monitor diabetics in 2011. As CEO, David took the company from no revenues to in excess of $8 million per year when he left ActiveCare in 2015. Today ActiveCare is contracted to be bought by the billion-dollar monitoring company Biotelemetry.

David has received various awards for his contributions in science and industry, including having the Smithsonian and International Astronomical Union named an asteroid after him.


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