Peter Brennan

Deputy Practice Leader for Ports & Waterways at Urban Engineers

As the son of an American diplomat, Peter Brennan, PE, LEED® AP, spent his youth traveling throughout east Africa. He lived in Ethiopa, Uganda, and Zambia, and visited several more countries between the ages of 8 and 17. “It was a complicated experience growing up abroad - one that I wouldn’t trade for anything,” he said. “Moving from place to place in a diplomatic household, you become sensitive to different viewpoints. I had to learn how to reach common ground with someone quickly in order to make new friends, a skill that I continue to draw upon today.”

In 2008, just seven months after joining Urban’s Ports and Waterways Department, Peter was the resident engineer for a large-scale dock rehabilitation project for Sunoco Logistics. “There was a steep learning curve related to staying on top of all aspects of construction, performing detailed inspection of steel and geotechnical work, and eventually garnering the respect of the client and contractor,” he said. While the project required a high level of technical expertise, Peter’s diverse experience and ability to communicate clearly and adapt to a myriad of personalities helped him stay ahead of the curve. This gained him favor among both the client and contractor. “Clarity and specificity are very important in our industry,” Peter said. “Years down the line your work must still be understood.”


  • Deputy Practice Leader for Ports & Waterways

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