Kirrilly Gregerson

Employee Experience Manager at Vantage Strata

Kirrilly’s passion for the Strata Industry developed rapidly after commencing in the role of a Strata Manager in 2011. From her first day on the job as an assistant, she managed to swiftly progress through the levels to become a Senior Manager.

Kirrilly’s high quality customer-service and her fair and calm personality saw her ability to effectively manage dysfunctional and challenging Strata Plans with an array of complex issues, which was soon recognised by her superiors, and she quickly became the first point of call to manage or co-manage buildings which required an in-depth knowledge of legislation, ability to calm difficult situations and personalities, and the ability to guide clients and staff through complex matters.

Due to her hard-working nature and commitment to the business and her colleagues, Kirrilly progressed to become Director of the Strata Department in 2016. This position provided immense challenges and aided the development of Kirrilly’s ability to remain calm under pressure and resilience during multiple challenges. In 2020 Kirrilly was advanced to managing the Property Management Department in addition to her Strata Management Department, which provided the chance to broaden her knowledge not only in other areas of the Real Estate industry, but also into business compliance, licensing compliance and Human Resources.

Having completed a Certificate 4 in Strata Community Services, Kirrilly is currently qualified as a Class 2 licence holder within NSW and is currently studying a Diploma of Property (Agency Management) to progress to a Class 1 license holder, which is considered the top-level qualification for Real Estate services in NSW. Kirrilly has also completed the SCA’s A-100 program which is a national-training course provided through Strata Community Australia.

Kirrilly has strong leadership qualities driven by the desire to achieve fairness and equality within the workplace and is proud to advocate for Women setting and achieving their goals in a professional environment.


Dickson, Australia


  • Employee Experience Manager

    May 1, 2023 - present

  • Team Leader/Senior Strata Manager

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