Mette Lise Lindblad

Director of Finance at Vestre Viken HF

Mette Lise Lindblad is the current Director of Finance at Vestre Viken HF. Mette has previously held various positions at Nokas CMS AB, Nokas CMS A/S, Nokas CMS AS, Nokas Værdihåndtering A/S, and Nokas Verdihåndtering AS. Lindblad also served as Økonomidirektør at both the Den norske legeforening and Ullevål universitetssykehus. Prior to their work in Norway, Lindblad was a manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers in their native Denmark.

Mette Lise Lindblad reports to Lisbeth Sommervoll, CEO. They work with Henning Aarset - Director of Communications & Public Relations, Inger Lise Hallgren - Clinic Director, Prehospital Services, and Cecilie B. Løken - Director of Technology.


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