Virtua Computers

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Virtua Computers is an IT company that deals with data recovery, mobile device management, internet, VPN, software, hardware & consultation.






Org chart

Justin Esgar
CEO/President - 360° IT Consulting, Server Management, IT Security

Justin Esgar

Lauren Antia
Luke Andrews-Hakken
Director of IT Services
Jonathan Sessions
Director of Customer Experience
Josh Paquin
Technical Lead
Justin Gross
Director of Operations and Repair Shop
Michelle Esgar
VP, Marketing and Communications


Happiness is contagious

We only deal with happy clients, and we only hire happy people!

The Education Connection

We document all our information, and make it accessible to clients.

Fast but not Furious

Problems arise, but we get to them to get you back on track, so you can get your job done as fast as possible.

Cool as a Cucumber

IT issues can be stressful, but our team will always remain calm, focused and at the top of their game.

Honor System

We believe in being honest with our clients, and expect honesty back.