Gary White

Co-Founder & CEO at

Gary White is an observer, an innovator, and a problem-solver. He obtained three degrees in civil and environmental engineering, and as a passionate, problem-solver he created a solution that has empowered millions of people in need with access to safe water and sanitation.

When Gary traveled to Honduras in his early twenties, he visited impoverished communities where he observed first-hand the adversities faced by those living without access to safe water or a toilet at home. While in one village, he was struck by “how many above-ground graves there were, and how small most of them were.” Young children were dying due to water-related diseases.

Gary knew access to safe water and sanitation was the answer to a bright future for the families he met in these villages – a future with more hope, health and possibilities. He returned to the United States determined to end the global water crisis.



  • Co-Founder & CEO

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