Paul Toms

Chief Marketing Officer at Wayfair

Paul Toms is the current VP of Lifestyle Brands and Canada at Wayfair. Paul has been with the company since January 2004, when they started as the Business Manager. In their current role, they are responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of Wayfair's lifestyle brands and initiatives in Canada. Prior to their current role, they were the VP of Marketing at Hyannis Sound, a position they held for two years.

Paul Toms studied economics at Boston University, where they earned a BA. Paul also studied business administration at Woodberry Forest School, where they earned a bachelor of arts.

Paul Toms reports to Thomas Netzer, COO. Some of their coworkers include Jens Uwe Intat - VP, Head of Europe, Kate Gulliver - VP, Global Head of Talent, and Adam Sinoway - VP, Global Head of Category Management.



  • Chief Marketing Officer

    2023 - present

  • VP, Lifestyle Brands & Canada