François Lemay

Sector Leader, Property & Buildings at WSP

Francois Lemay is the current Business Line Executive for Property & Buildings at WSP. François has over 25 years of experience in the engineering field, and has been with WSP since 2008, when their previous company ZENIX Engineering Ltd was acquired.

Prior to their current role, Francois held various positions at WSP Canada Inc., including Buildings Regional Director for Ontario East, Regional Director for Eastern Ontario, and Director of the Building Sector in Ottawa. François was also a member of the Ontario Management Team and the Ontario Risk Committee.

Francois has a technical background in Building Science and HVAC design, but they have spent most of their career in Fire Protection, including Building Code Compliance. François is also WSP's Global Lead for Mission Critical (Data Centers) and WSP Canada's Designated Key Senior ISP Security Official.

Their manager is Alexandre L'heureux, President & CEO. They work with Eric Peissel - Global Director, Transport and Infrastructure, Marie-Claude Dumas - President & CEO, Canada, and Dean McGrail - CEO, Middle East.


  • Sector Leader, Property & Buildings

    Current role