Dan Reid

CTO at Xceptor

Dan Reid is currently the CTO at Xceptor. Prior to that, they served as the Senior Director of Partner Product Management at DocuSign from May 2011 to September 2016. During their time at DocuSign, they were responsible for growing the Partner Product Management team to 7 Product Managers across multiple time zones. Dan also worked closely with BD and Marketing to build strategies for revenue and growth for each Strategic Partner, and tracked metrics closely.

Under Reid's leadership, the Partner and API integration volume grew from essentially zero (on a base of 10.7 Million Envelopes sent total between 9/2010 and 9/2011) to 14% Partner and 51% API (not including Mobile Apps) on 127 Million Envelopes sent from 2/2015 to 2/2016). Dan was also responsible for close to 25% of DocuSign’s Corporate and Enterprise Revenue through DocuSign for Salesforce. In addition, they led the Google Partnership and integrations from scratch to create over 250,000 account sign ups (Chrome, Drive, and Google for Work), and to have close to 50,000 active accounts.

Finally, Reid led the Microsoft Strategy at DocuSign, and built out award winning products in SharePoint (On Prem and O365), Dynamics CRM (2011 and Cloud versions), O365 Word and Outlook. Dan also led the Product Management portion of being Microsoft’s Partner of the Year in 2015. In total,

Dan Reid has a Bachelor's degree in Physics and Math from William & Mary, and a Master's (ABT) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Vermont.

Some of their coworkers include Mark Brooke-Webb - COO, Josh Monroe - CRO, and Ludovic Blanquet - Chief Strategy & Transformation Officer. Dan Reid reports to Andrew Kouloumbrides, CEO.


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