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Org chart

Nikki Feare
Chief Human Resources Officer
Janine Snodgrass
Strategic Partner Director
Lukasz Scendo
Strategic Accounts Director
Neil Sheppard
Strategic Partner/accounts Director
Keith Ezard
General Counsel
Carmen Thomas
Project Office Lead
Lorenc Hoxhallari
Head Of Revenue Operations
Pete Harris
Marketing Operations Manager
John Ridout
Head of Sales, EMEA & APAC
Donna Askew
Head Of Support
Mike Resnick
Head Of Customer Success, US
Patrick Peralta
Lead Technical Support Specialist
Davide Garitta
Key Accounts Director
Michael Linchitz
Director, Global Accounts
Paul Duffy
Lead Tax Solution Manager
Priyanka Parshottam
Finance Director
Catherine Connor
Head Of Field Marketing
Evelyn Yeo
Head Of Programs & Communications, Office Of The CEO
Julie Crowhurst
Digital Marketing Manager
Katie Jones
Senior Marketing Executive | Marketing Operations
Ronald Koh
Client Engagement Manager - APAC
Dernel Polydore
Senior Product Owner
Gabriel Secheli
Senior Product Owner
Jevon Bhagaloo
Senior User Experience Designer
Richard Bonser
Senior Product Owner
Timothy Grant
Sr. Project Manager