YMCA Canada

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With over 1,700 locations across Canada, the YMCA is a charity that helps Canadians lead healthier lives, every day, in every way.



Org chart

Peter Dinsdale
President & CEO

Peter Dinsdale

Colin Smillie
SVP, National Technology
Kristen Wheaton Clayton
VP, Philanthropy
Ida Thomas
VP, People & Culture
Franca D'angelo
VP, National Events & Administration
Kelly Hardy
VP, Marketing & Communications
Kathi Lomas McGee
VP, Experience
Jessica Lue
VP, Government Relations & Advocacy
Jessica Nkongolo
Manager, Youth & Global Initiatives
Jen Turner
Manager, Public Policy & Advocacy
Linda Killough
Manager, Membership Growth
Anne-Louise Blaikie
Manager, Leadership Development
Rustam Adigamov
Manager, Knowledge Support Solutions
Michael Lampman
Manager, Information Resources & Training Support
Vannina Sztainbok
Manager, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Pete Kerigan
Manager, Data & Analytics
Danielle Mcaleer
Administrative Assistant
Alexandra Mooney
Executive Assistant