Lulu Hansen

Creative Director & Animation Producer at Yuanfudao

Lulu Hansen is the Creative Director & Animation Producer at Yuanfudao. Lulu was previously with Thinkwell Group from October 2018 to November 2019, where they served as Creative Director.

In their role at Thinkwell Group, Hansen was responsible for conceiving, writing, and designing comprehensive programs for parks, rides, interactives, special events, multi-media exhibits, landmark redesigns, resorts, FECs, etc., for a range of tastes and demographics in China and abroad. Lulu was also responsible for spearheading the content and design of proprietary Thinkwell IPs, e.g., original concept FECs. Additionally, Hansen collaborated with art directors to produce rich, evocative concept art for designed programs.

Hansen has a deep understanding of the needs and wants of local and international cultural, commercial, and media entities. Lulu is a valuable asset to any team they work with, and their skills in business development have helped their contribute to the success of Thinkwell Group.

Lulu Hansen completed their undergraduate degree at Brown University in Visual Arts & Comparative Literature. Lulu then attended Stanford University for their Master of Arts in Chinese Literature. After Stanford, they became a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Lastly, they completed their Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production at the University of Southern California.

Lulu Hansen works with Ran Lei - Chief Architect, Noya Zixin Ren - Director of Public Affairs. Lulu Hansen reports to Li Yong, CEO.




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  • Creative Director & Animation Producer

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