Rafael Lozano

UX/UI Designer at Yuga Labs

Rafael Lozano has had various work experiences in the field of UX/UI design, including working at Yuga Labs, BairesDev, WENEW, and Pinterest between 2021-2022. Prior to this, they founded Kaalma in 2020 and worked as the Creative Director & Co-Founder of Noxu Labs between 2013-2016. Additionally, they founded Golista in 2016, where they built an audience of 2.75 million users on social media through multiple fan pages and accounts.

Rafael Lozano earned a High School Diploma from the American School Foundation of Monterrey in 2008. In 2010, they began attending Universidad de Monterrey where they pursued a Bachelor of Architecture degree, which they completed in 2015. During their time at Universidad de Monterrey, Lozano also briefly attended Universidad Camilo José Cela in 2013 to further their studies in Architecture. Lozano has also obtained several certifications in soccer coaching from the Federación Mexicana de Fútbol, including Director Técnico Profesional Licencia A in August 2021, Licencia B in March 2021, and Licencia C in October 2020.



  • UX/UI Designer

    November, 2022 - present