Prosenjit Pal

Managing Director, India at ZEDEDA

Prosenjit Pal is the managing director of India for ZEDEDA. Prosenjit was previously the vice president of engineering for Prophecy Sensorlytics and prior to that, they were a senior engineering manager for the retail platform team at Flipkart.com.

Prosenjit is an expert in network optimization, integer programming, and analytics. Prosenjit has used their skills to help online retailers such as Flipkart.com and Prophecy Sensorlytics run more efficiently and effectively. Prosenjit is currently helping ZEDEDA expand their operations in India.

Prosenjit Pal completed their B.Tech in EE from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Prosenjit then went on to complete their MS in Telecommunication and Software Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology.

Some of their coworkers include Darren Kimura - COO, Erik Nordmark - Co-founder & CTO, and Cleo Valeroso - VP, Global People Operations. Prosenjit Pal reports to Said Ouissal, Founder, CEO.


  • Managing Director, India

    Current role