Dan Bolger

Senior Frontend Engineer at ZenHub

Dan Bolger is a Senior Front End Engineer at ZenHub. Dan has over 7 years of experience in the software engineering field, with a focus on front-end development. Dan has previously worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Acuris and as a Lead Software Development Engineer at Tesco. In their role at Tesco, they were responsible for managing the design, development, testing and deployment of the front-end software system that runs the company's checkouts globally. Dan has also spent time working in various teams at Hindustan Service Centre (India) and has experience with managing the front-end of the Tesco Direct website, customer service center, and various other elements of the customer journey.

Dan Bolger's educational career includes a degree in Information Systems from Brunel University London, as well as a Full Stack Web Development Certification from freeCodeCamp. Dan also has some experience studying Computer Software Engineering at Queens Park Community College and Queens Park Community School.

They work with Mel Chua - Intermediate Frontend Engineer, Leire Polo Martin - Engineering Manager, and Joey Chau - Associate Front End Engineer. Their manager is Ev Haus, Head of Engineering.


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