Is Digital Body Mapping the Future of Fashion? 3DLOOK’s Vadim Rogovskiy Says Yes

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Courtesy of 3DLOOK

Vadim Rogovskiy’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is clear: Be prepared to solve problems every day, and be prepared to deal with stress.

“Your life will change,” the cofounder and CEO of 3DLOOK told The Org. “If you are a founder, the company is no longer just a job — it's your life. And you need to be okay with that, and your closest ones should be okay with that too.

“But believe me, it’s all worth it.”

Replicating Reality

Rogovskiy co-founded digital body mapping company 3DLOOK in 2016 with the vision of building a digital passport where people could capture and store their personal body data on their mobile devices.

The aim: To help with everything from ordering clothes to tracking progress in fitness apps to creating personalized avatars in games.

Using just two photos taken from a mobile device, 3DLOOK uses a combination of computer vision, neural networks, and 3D statistical modeling to measure and create a person’s body shape. Rogovskiy says the California-based company was the first to create a SaaS product based on mobile body scanning technology.

“Now, 3DLOOK helps our customers use the full potential of 3D mobile body scanning and use the collected data to optimize each step of their supply chain,” he said. “From design and product development to inventory planning and logistics.”

Rogovskiy says the fashion industry was the first to adopt the technology, where it’s used to address issues with sizing and inventory, and to give customers more confidence with shopping. In the near future, the plan is to have virtual dressing experiences.

The company has raised $4.7 million over five funding rounds, the latest being this July, and has 12 investors.

Business on the Brain

Rogovskiy has a long entrepreneurial history.

As a freshman at university in the Ukraine, he started his first business offering express Russian language courses, which grew into offering guided tours and translations services. “It was my first entrepreneurship experience and it was exhilarating,” he says.

Since then, he has launched an e-commerce store and a web-design studio that evolved into a game development studio and then to a social media marketing agency. After that, he moved to advertising and founded Clickburner — which became Clickky, the 11th fastest growing AdTech company in Europe according to INC5000. He then founded AdCenter, which was sold to VertaMedia in 2014.

Being an entrepreneur, he says, is the most exciting job in the world, and the best part was testing new concepts.

“I love to discover new ideas, make and validate assumptions, brainstorm with the team to come up with new projects or products within the company.”

Be Prepared to Grind

But the road isn’t always smooth. Rogovskiy says any founder has to be ready to grind during the first five years.

“You’ll have to deal with different problems, and they get bigger,” he says. “So don't imagine that at some point you’ll get to the stage when you’ll have time just to think, plan and enjoy the success without any challenges.”

In previous ventures, Rogovskiy’s father helped him through that grind. Together the pair launched several startups, but Rogovskiy says in order to save the family relationship, they decided to stop working together as co-founders.

Since then though, Rogovskiy invited his father to run the startup accelerator he launched with his partners. Together, they have made 16 rounds of investment, some of which are still successful, he said. But he remains adamant: “The decision not to run any startups together helped our relationship a lot.”

During Rogovskiy’s first two years at 3DLOOK, no day was like the other.

“In those very early stages you have to solve lots of different tasks: hire the right people with very limited budgets, talk to investors and fundraise, deal with lawyers and so on,” he says.

But in year three, he established a sense of routine — something he says is very important to being an effective CEO. Now around 40% of his week goes towards regular executive meetings and calls and the remainder is dedicated to calls with investors — existing or new, strategic partners and clients, and ad hoc events.

Creating a New Industry Standard

Looking towards the future, Rogovskiy says the plan is to become the industry standard in everything related to personalization based on the human body.

“First, we plan to conquer uniform manufacturing, fashion e-commerce, and beyond that,” he said.

Already he is looking to other areas of manufacturing he said lack personalization — think car seats, furniture and mattresses.

“That's what we're going to do in the next two to three years,” he says. “We're going to digitize the bodies of online consumers, enable brands to personalize the shopping experience, and provide them with analytics and insights based on consumer body data.”

3DLOOK, he says, is ready to revolutionize the way we shop.


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