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How a Public Org Chart Will Help You Hire Better

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Last updated: Mar 7, 2023

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While many platforms let you post jobs & find applicants, a public org chart can be a secret weapon to attracting great talent.

The talent you bring into your company can directly result in the success or failure of your business. This makes hiring the right staff crucial to an organization’s achievements.

We know that hiring new talent is often a slow and exhausting affair for everyone involved. In this guide, we’ll explain how a public org chart will improve your company’s hiring process and increase its efficiency.

An Org Chart Breakdown

An org chart is a clear diagram that displays the company structure. All roles and responsibilities are outlined within the organization in a simple and easy-to-understand layout.

To find out how org charts work click here:

What Is an Organizational Chart?

It’s evident that org charts are great for a company’s internal operations, but what impact can an org chart have on the hiring process?

For one, a clear outline of employees in a company can allow potential applicants to see what kind of people make up a business before they even apply. By vetting out potential employees before the interview stage, HR members can be more efficient and better use their time and energy.

How A Public Org Chart Enhances Hiring

Whenever new talent is brought on board, the onboarding process is often slow and — dare we say — painful. Why? Not only does a new hire have to learn the way around the office, but they're also learning a new company structure, new company culture, and trying to find out who is who. But what if they already knew those things before they started their first day?

A public org chart solves this problem.

By equipping your new hire with all the information they need even before they start, they can hit the ground running. Everyone will understand how the new hire fits into the company, letting them step into their new role on day one.

Benefits of a Public Org Chart

Increased Transparency

Transparency is key to attracting the right kind of people. In business, being transparent helps both parties to save time. A potential employee can quickly discern if they'll be a good fit, and those wishing to acquire new talent know what to look for.

Companies will spend much less time sifting through hires that missed the mark and more time onboarding new, highly qualified employees that fit seamlessly into their company.

Making your company more transparent takes serious effort. To help you out, we’ve compiled a software list that will assist your company in fostering transparency.

Software for Transparent Companies

Attracts The Right Kind of Talent

Good talent wants to work with good talent. A public org chart that showcases the kind of people you hire will work as free advertising to bring in like-minded talent. In successful companies, the company culture is just as, if not more important, than skill sets. When looking to hire, your team is your most valuable selling point.

A public org chart allows you to showcase your team members, giving potential employees a clear picture of who their future workmates would be. People want to be part of a company that aligns with their thoughts, ethics, and expectations. Top talent knows their worth, and they only want to be part of companies where they will be a great fit.

If you want more insight on ways to improve your hiring process, take a look at our extensive guide to hiring:

The Org’s Guide to Hiring

Clear Picture of Company Structure

A public org chart gives everyone a clear picture of the company structure. Those inside the company can get a clear idea of where a new position would benefit the company and it allows HR members to plan for growth. They can quickly and easily identify departments that need more or fewer resources, helping them make informed decisions in half the time.

For those looking to join a company, an org chart that displays the company structure lets them see where they would fit in and who they would be surrounded by. Upon onboarding, they’ll understand the chain of command faster, knowing who to report to and who they can go to for answers.

If you’re not in it already, here are a few reasons why you should join your company’s public org chart:

Are You In Your Public Org Chart?

Provides Opportunities for Connections

A public org chart provides more opportunities for referrals and connections in the company. A company where leaders are only aware of employees’ names and titles makes it difficult for employees to develop rapport.

Although employees may work together for years, they can beare unaware of colleagues in other departments, making it challenging to establish familiarity with fellow employees. Using a public org chart gives employees the chance to get acquainted with their coworkers’ unique strengths, skillsets, and roles, and responsibilities.

When a position needs to be filled, they will know who to contact and how to find them. Instead of looking outside the company to fill a need, you may find that the right person for the job is simply on the next floor.

If you’re looking to improve your chances to hire top talent candidates, here are few tips to get started:

Template for job offer letter.

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Creating a public org chart is the perfect way to attract the right talent while maintaining high productivity levels. Sign up today and add your organization to bring your team’s structure to life and improve hiring practices.

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