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How to Get a Job at Slack

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Last updated: Feb 15, 2023

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Slack boasts a fast-growing user-base and internal teams focused on collaboration and a strong culture. Learn how you can join the team and get a job at Slack.

Is Slack Right for You?

First things first: Does working for Slack really live up to the hype? Based on reviews from current and former employees, the answer generally seems to be yes — with glowing praise for both the company itself and CEO Stewart Butterfield. In fact, many Glassdoor users claim that Slack is the best place they’ve ever worked.

So what’s so great about working for Slack?

Let’s start with the financial side of things. Slack’s compensation and benefits packages are tough to beat. Along with a competitive salary, benefits include:

  • An annual allowance for professional development
  • A monthly stipend that employees can use for anything they’d like
  • Premium coverage for medical, dental, and vision insurance for both employees and their families

But it doesn’t matter how much a job pays or how great the benefits are if the company culture isn’t right. Fortunately, most employee reviews applaud Slack’s culture as well, highlighting features like:

  • A collaborative atmosphere
  • An inclusive environment
  • Brilliant colleagues to inspire them
  • Seemingly endless learning opportunities
  • Transparent, caring leadership
  • A healthy work-life balance

Some employees do express concerns about the inevitable “growing pains” of a company expanding so quickly, though. One reviewer commented that they feel as though Slack is in an awkward position between the startup stage and becoming an established, large company. But despite those growing pains, nearly all employees view Slack as a stellar work environment.

If you crave flexibility and freedom as a worker and prefer to skip the bureaucratic processes of more typical tech giants, Slack may be the right place for you.

Where Can You Find Slack Job Listings?

The Org publishes current open roles at Slack right onto the company's job page. See exactly who the hiring manager is for the role you are applying to, alongside where that role falls within the org chart.

Some job seekers have the impression that they need to know who already works at Slack to get their foot in the door. Slack assures all candidates that this is not the case. In their own words:

“…most of our hires have come from people who have applied via our careers page. We take all applications seriously. We care deeply about diversity at Slack, and when you only hire from your current employees’ networks, you tend to get a homogenous set of candidates.”

Once you’re ready to visit their careers page, just follow these steps:

  • Take a few moments to check out what they have to say about themselves and double-check that it sounds like a place you’d fit in.
  • If you’re still feeling good about Slack, click the “View Careers” button at the top of the page or scroll down to the “Career Opportunities” section at the bottom.
  • To fine-tune your options, select your location and preferred department (e.g., Engineering, Design, Product Management, etc.) from the two drop-down menus just above the list. The results will automatically update.
  • If you see a job title that looks good, click “Apply.” This will bring up a job description to give you a clearer idea of exactly what the position would require.
  • Think you have what it takes? Scoll down, fill out the application form, and submit it for review.

Of course, you can look for Slack jobs on other sites as well. There are plenty of job posting sites you can check out, or you could even try Slack’s organizational chart to see if they have any openings listed there.

Slack Org chart

What Should You Include in a Slack Job Application?

First off, you’ll need the basics of almost any job application: a cover letter and resume. There are also several boxes you can fill out to give further information about yourself, such as:

  • Your preferred first name
  • Your LinkedIn profile
  • Your website
  • Whether or not you’ve worked at Slack before

Beyond that, you can also select whether or not you have any disabilities, forms of diversity, or veteran status that might help you stand out. Slack is dedicated to creating a diverse, inclusive work environment, and by providing that information, you can help them fulfill their mission.

What Is Slack Looking for in an Employee?

The education and experience Slack requires will change from job to job, but some character traits they look for are universal. On their careers page, Slack lists six core values:

  • Empathy
  • Courtesy
  • Thriving
  • Craftsmanship
  • Playfulness
  • Solidarity

These can serve as a roadmap for the qualities they look for in an employee.

In addition to those core values, they also emphasize a few other character traits, including:

  • A passion for Slack’s mission
  • A willingness to collaborate with your team
  • Curiosity
  • A sense of personal responsibly
  • An appreciation for a diversity of backgrounds, thoughts, ideas, and lived experiences

In the words of Slack’s recruiting lead, Marissa Senzaki,

“We want people on our team who exhibit empathy, tact, and poise under pressure when working through customer issues. Above all, they need to be ‘human.’ Hard skills can be taught, but other more human qualities are more innate.”

What Does Slack’s Hiring Process Look Like?

After submitting your application, you shouldn’t have too long to wait. Slack reviews every application they receive and tries to respond within one week. If they’re interested in you for the position, they’ll reach out to begin a process of interviews and skills tests.

Here’s what that will probably look like.

1. Phone Screen

Slack will contact you and set up a phone interview with a recruiter. The recruiter will want to get to know the real you. Their questions will cover high-level issues about what drives you, what you’re looking for, and why you’d be a good fit for Slack. This is your opportunity to demonstrate how well suited you are to Slack’s mission, priorities, and company culture.

This call generally takes around 30 minutes.

2. Technical Test or Exercise

After your initial interview, Slack will schedule a test or assignment to help them get a feel for your abilities. The exact details of your test will vary depending on the position you’re applying for, but a few possibilities would be:

  • Coding challenge
  • Analytics SQL challenge
  • Design exercise
  • At-home assignment, followed by a presentation

It’s essential that you impress during this stage, so make sure you’ve brushed up on your skills so you can meet Slack’s rigorous standards.

3. Phone Interview with a Hiring Manager

Once you’ve completed the assignment, you’ll have a phone interview with a hiring manager. This usually lasts an hour and is much more in-depth than your initial phone screen. The hiring manager will ask about your background, the relevant challenges you’ve faced, and what you’re looking for in your next role.

Bonus Tip: A great way to prove your interest and curiosity is to ask some questions of your own. Come prepared with a brief list of things you’d like to know about the position or Slack in general.

4. Onsite Interview

Once you’ve made it through the virtual interviewing stage, Slack will invite you to the location you’d be working at for some in-person interviews and tests. These will be conducted by relevant figures in the department you’re trying to join. You’ll also meet members of the team you’re interested in working with to make sure you get along well.

This will likely take at least four hours, so plan to make a day of it.

5. You’re hired!

If Slack decides that you’re the right person for the job, they’ll reach out promptly. The entire interview process will probably last 2-4 weeks from the moment you send in your application until they extend an offer.

Congratulations! You’re joining a thriving company full of brilliant minds ready to inspire and support you. While you wait for that exciting first day of work, you can check out their org chart to learn more about how the company is structured and who you’ll be working with.

What If Slack Doesn’t Work Out?

If Slack doesn’t end up hiring you, don’t lose heart. There’s no shortage of great jobs out there.

The internet has countless job posting sites you can use to find positions at tech companies and more. By investing a little time and patience, you’ll find that dream job that’s just waiting for you.

If you could use some help with your job hunt, the public org charts we post are a great way to connect with potential employers. Just check to see if any businesses have added open positions to their org chart, and if you find any that sound good, you can apply right here on The Org.

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