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Introducing Iterate

By Maya Kosoff

Last updated: Feb 15, 2023

Meet our new and improved news platform.

At a time when a record-breaking number of people are quitting their jobs, and when corporations and municipalities alike have started pushing for a return to in-person office spaces, many Americans have begun to re-examine the role work plays in their lives. More than ever, people want transparency at work. A survey conducted by Slack found that 80% of workers want more information about how decisions are made at their organizations, and 87% want their future employer to be transparent. This mentality, too, has started to infiltrate legislation: New York City is set to mandate pay transparency in job listings this year. People want to be more informed about how their companies are organized, how they make money, how they get paid and what companies can do for them.

Look at the litany of things job-seekers are looking for from new employers (transparency, of course, but also better pay, benefits that work for them, flexible hours—in short, an empathetic, reasonable employer that treats you like a person) and you begin to see just how radically the way we think about work has changed in a few short years. With it, the way we talk about work should also change.

Enter: Iterate. We offer a unique combination of the latest news from the tech community, real stories about startup leaders and resources to help you find the perfect job or build a better company, all backed by company data and analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

We create useful, targeted content for people working within the most exciting and dynamic ecosystem that exists today — the startup community. Professionals rely on our tools and resources to excel in the areas of leadership, scaling, fundraising, building company culture and hiring. We write for hiring managers and job seekers, product managers and software engineers, VCs and founders. Our stories teach lessons from the people behind successful high-growth tech companies and spotlight trends within the still-nascent category known as the future of work.

Iterate is the editorial resource companion to The Org’s core platform, a data powerhouse that allows us to report on unique analysis, trends and insights that professionals trust to help them do their jobs. Just as importantly, we’re reporters who want to tell stories you want to read and provide career development resources you’d find helpful. If you’re a journalist who writes about business, tech, workplace culture and trends or the future of work, or a founder or startup operator with a story to tell and you’d like to submit a piece, please drop me a line at

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