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WELCOME TO 02X6 CAPITAL At 02x6 Capital, we are pioneers in the world of cryptocurrency and innovative finance. Established with the vision of leading the next generation of digital asset management, our team brings a wealth of experience from diverse backgrounds in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to empower our clientsby providing cutting-edge investment management services and exploring novel opportunities in the crypto and blockchain ecosystems. We specialize in managing portfolios that maximize returns while mitigating risk, guiding our clients through the complex world of crypto investments with expertise and foresight.

OUR SERVICES Crypto Investment and Management: We manage over $200 million in crypto assets for our clients, utilizing a tailored approach to align with individual investment goals and risk tolerances. Project Investment and Management: We invest in and support a variety of projects across the crypto space, including startups and blockchain initiatives. Our team is adept at identifying opportunities with high potential and guiding them to success. Tokenization Strategies: We leverage tokenization to unlock value in various assets and projects, offering innovative ways to invest and trade in new markets. Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV): Through the creation of SPVs, we enable our clients to invest in specific projects and ventures, providing them with a targeted approach to diversify their portfolios. OUR APPROACH Our approach is rooted in transparency, trust, and dedication to our clients' success. We prioritize ongoing communication, sharing insights and analysis to keep our clients informed and confident in their investments.

With a deep commitment to excellence, 02x6 Capital stands at the forefront of a rapidly evolving industry. We strive to set new standards in crypto asset management and investment, helping our clients navigate the complexities of digital finance and achieve their financial goals.

Join us on this journey as we shape the future of finance together.


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