Mihir Sampat

Director Of Software Engineering at Adaptive Investment Solutions

Mihir Sampat is a skilled professional with experience in software engineering and data analysis. Mihir has worked at Adaptive Investment Solutions, LLC as a Director of Software Engineering and Full-stack Developer, where Mihir utilized their expertise in Next. JS, React, and Python to create interactive frontend interfaces and backend systems for real-time data analysis. Prior to this, Mihir worked at CRG Solutions Pvt. Ltd as a Data Engineer, where Mihir developed PySpark jobs and implemented ETL processes for targeted advertising. Their educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology from KJ Somaiya College of Engineering and a Graduate Certificate in Data Science and Engineering from S P Jain School of Global Management.



  • Director Of Software Engineering

    November 1, 2023 - present

  • Sr. Software developer

    April, 2022

  • Full-stack Developer

    August, 2021

  • Consultant

    November, 2020

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