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Adam Witty
Founder & CEO

Adam Witty

John Witty
Interim Chief Financial Officer
Beth Laguardia
Chief Marketing Officer
Evan Schnittman
Chief Product Officer
Marsha Friedman
President of News & Experts
Mark Martin
SVP of Finance
Ben Douglas
SVP of Team Member Success
Christina Wells
VP of Member Success
Darryl Laplante
VP of Business Systems
Natalie Mazzarella
VP of Media Services
Tyler Lebleu
Senior Director of Publishing & Manufacturing
Corrin Foster
Senior Director of Book Marketing & Promotions
Steve Elizalde
Senior Director of Distribution & Supply Chain
David Taylor
Creative Director & Director of Production
Amanda Mikell
Director of Finance
Lauren Whittamore
Project Manager
Josephine Broderick
Project Manager
Lauren Simmons
Project Manager
Andrey Schulte
Senior Member Development Representative
Claire Sekus
Member Development Representative
Emma Hundt
Member Development Representative
Chase Patterson
Member Development Representative
Jaclyn Smith
Executive Administrator
Laura Grinstead
Authority Advisor
Jeff Slutsky
Senior Authority Strategist