Clar Rosso

EVP, Engagement & Learning Innovation at AICPA

Clar Rosso is EVP, Engagement & Learning Innovation at AICPA.

Clar has been with the organization since 2013, and in their current role, they are responsible for influencing leadership of the world’s largest accounting and finance professional organization, prior to and through its 2016 joint-venture evolution of American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA).

In their role, Clar has been able to position the Association as the global go-to authority on advancing professional competency and as the leader in learning experiences, products, and services for individuals and businesses in finance and accounting sectors. As a senior leadership team member, Clar has been instrumental in challenging industry conventions with expanded learning methods and curricula, including virtual and augmented reality, cybersecurity, blockchain, data analytics, and robotic process automation. In addition, Clar has driven the commercial business unit with global market and product strategies, consultative sales, and new channel partnerships. Under their guidance, the organization has tapped into new channels and markets—including the UK, China, India, Poland, and South Africa—with a firm command of legal, financial, cultural, and social implications.

In order to become a Special Education teacher, Clar Rosso first earned their Bachelors of Arts in Rhetoric and Communications from the University of California, Davis. Clar then went on to earn their Master of Arts in Special Education from San Francisco State University.

Clar Rosso reports to Barry Melancon, CEO. They work with Andrew Harding - Chief Executive, Management Accounting, Erik Asgeirsson - Chief Executive Officer,, and Lawson Carmichael - Chief Operating Officer.


  • EVP, Engagement & Learning Innovation

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