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Craig Blair
Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Craig Blair

Sam Kroonenburg
Venture Partner
Dave Parfett
Operating Principal
Nick Brown
General Counsel
Daphne Shen
Chief of Staff
Jess Blomfield
Head of People & Culture
Harriet Dwyer
Head of Impact
Tiffany Liu
Head of Fund Finance
David Nemes
Head of Platform
Andrea Saravolac
Finance Manager
Jess Walker
Community & Programs Manager
Bree Fedele
Senior Marketing Manager
Anna Tyndale
Portfolio Success Manager
Viorica Favetta
Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Jess Heffernan
Investor Relations & Operations Manager
Kevin Lu
Investment Manager
Raaj Rayat
Investment Manager
Dan Coughlan
Investment Manager
Sid Kasbekar
Investment Manager
Adrielle Touma
Investment Manager
Rob White
Risk & Compliance Manager
Karla Taylor
Investor Relations Manager
Josh Condous
IT & Security Manager
Aatish Gopichand
Investor Relations Manager
Lauren Chapman
Executive Assistant & Office Manager
Margie Wairau
Executive Assistant
Dan Lombard
Data Lead
Mollie Ge