American Cancer Society


The American Cancer Society is a nationwide voluntary health organization dedicated to eliminating cancer.





Karen E. Knudsen
Chief Executive Officer

Karen E. Knudsen

Lisa Lacasse
President, ACS CAN
Timothy Phillips
Chief Legal and Risk Officer
Michael L. Neal
Chief of Organizational Advancement
Andre Bokhoor
Chief People Officer
Arif Kamal
Chief Patient Officer
Ian W. Bailey
Chief Communications Officer
Tawana Thomas Johnson
SVP and Chief Diversity Officer
Brant Woodward
Sr. Executive Vice President, Field Operations
Anthony Marino
EVP, Northeast Region
David Benson
EVP, North Region
Carolyn Williams-Goldman
Interim EVP, West Region
Kimberly Jackson
EVP, Southeast Region
Maria Gonzalez Olson
SVP, California Guam Hawaii Division
Lillian Santos
EVP, Puerto Rico
Crystal Garrick
Vice President, Internal Communications
Haivy Thompson
Vice President, Marketing - Mission Execution
Lauren Hyatt
Vice President, Marketing - Brand
Megan Roether
Vice President, Regional Business Planning & Operations
Vanessa Peace
Vice President Marketing Strategy
Michele Money-Carson
National Vice President - Media Relations
Sarah Wells
Vice President, Regional Community Development
Alice L. Pomponio
Managing Director, BrightEdge
Amy Berg
Principal, Philanthropy
Lucas De Breed
Director, Investments
Farnaz Bakhshi
Director, Innovation
Eunice Chapon
Director, Operations and Business Development
Carrie Fulbright
Sr. Director, Distinguished Events
Donna Ferrante
Sr. Director, Philanthropy
Ellen McElligott
Sr. Director Corporate Relations & Account Operations
Kerri Cross
Sr. Director, Corporate Relations & Account Operations
Steve Gilmore
Sr. Director, Philanthropy
Sheryl Morris
Business Operations Analyst
Lisa Evans
Senior Development Manager
Ilane Cohen
Director, Strategic Insights
Paula Mattison
Director, Marketing
Kari Dahlstrom
Strategic Director, CGH Integrated Marketing & Executive Communications
Becky Jacobson
Senior Development Manager
Ana Rojas
Executive Assistant
Michka Sharpe
Barbra Kocsis
Fund Operations & Impact Consultant