UNICEF protects and defends the rights of every child. UNICEF has a presence in 192 countries and territories across the world.





Catherine Russell
Executive Director

Catherine Russell

Jacob Van Der Blij
Chief Risk Officer, Office of the Executive Director
Carla Haddad Mardini
Director, Private Fundraising & Partnerships Division
Etleva Kadilli
Regional Director, Eastern and Southern Africa
Hannan Sulieman
UNICEF Deputy Executive Director, Management
Lauren Rumble
Associate Director, Gender Equality, Programme Division
Marie-Pierre Poirier
Director, Regional Office West and Central Africa
Omar Abdi
Deputy Executive Director, Programmes
Ted Chaiban
Deputy Executive Director, Humanitarian Action & Supply Operations
Robert Jenkins
Director, Education and Adolescent Development, Programme Group
Sanjay Wijesekera
Regional Director, UNICEF South Asia
Stephen S. Zimmermann
Director, Office of Internal Audit and Investigations
Víctor Aguayo
Director, Nutrition and Child Development, Programme Division
June Kunugi
Director, Public Partnerships Division
Natalia Winder-Rossi
Director, Social Policy & Social Protection Programme
Thomas Asare
Controller and Director, Division of Financial and Administrative Management
Debora Comini
Director, Regional Office for East Asia & the Pacific
Thomas Davin
Director, Office of Global Innovation
Melissa Bullen
General Counsel & Director of the Legal Office
Adele Khodr
UNICEF Regional Director, Middle East & North Africa
Vidhya Ganesh
Director, Division of Data Analytics, Planning & Monitoring (DAPM)
Bo Viktor Nylund
Director, UNICEF Innocenti, Global Office of Research & Foresight
Naysán Sahba
Director, Division of Global Communication & Advocacy
Bandjougou Magassa
Director, Division of Human Resources
Garry Conille
UNICEF Regional Director for Latin America & the Caribbean
Sheema Sen Gupta
Director, Child Protection, Programme Group
Helga Fogstad
Director of Health
João Pedro Azevedo
Chief Statistician & Deputy Director, Division of Data, Analysis, Planning & Monitoring
Regina De Dominicis
Regional Director, Europe & Central Asia
Kitty Van Der Heijden
Deputy Executive Director, Partnerships
George Laryea-Adjei
Director of UNICEF Programme Group
Leila Gharagozloo Pakkala
Director, UNICEF Supply Division
Anurita Bains
Associate Director, HIV & AIDS
Erinna Dia
Associate Director, Early Childhood Development
Lu Wei Pearson
Associate Director, Maternal & Newborn Child Health
Gopal Mitra
Global Lead on Disability & Development