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Arquitectonica is a global architectural and urban design firm with civic, hospitality, institutional, cultural, and mixed-use projects in 50+ countries.





Org chart

Timothy Reedy
Chief Executive Officer

Timothy Reedy

Sherri Gutierrez
Principal & Miami Office Director
Michael O’Boyle
Principal & Los Angeles Office Director
Christopher J. Short
Principal & New York Office Director
Fidel Zabik
Thomas Westberg
VP & Marketing Director
Tom Decker
VP & Director of Business Development & Communications
Michelle Cintron
VP & West Palm Beach Office Director
Anna Caruso
Vice President
Chika Yamada
Vice President
Daniel Garcia
Vice President
Charles Hugh Crain
Vice President
Guillermo Stuart
Vice President
Raymond Fort
Vice President
Claire Imatani
Vice President
Ilon Keilson
Vice President
Mario Macias
Vice President
Sheila Zynger
Brazil Office Director
David Zaballero
Manila Office Director
Yves Berranger
Paris Office Director
Raymond Chu
Shanghai Office Director
Philip Gillard
Dubai Office Director
Carola Ramos
Lima Office Director