Andy Price

Founder, GTM & VC at Artisanal Talent Group

Andy's been recruiting tech executives for 26 years and is widely recognized as one of the most visible professionals in the industry, despite being skinny and short. Built a massive exec search firm in California before having his “Jerry Maguire moment”, felt the big firm scene wasn’t the right fit for what he wanted to do with his life, sold his ownership to his partners, and took the next 2 years "becoming a client." Went into Venture Partner/Mentor roles for Redpoint and Index Ventures, with a simple mission--to help entrepreneurs succeed. Sitting on their side of the table re-ignited his love of these brave souls. He worked with more than 100 startups at a highly strategic level, building out Board/leadership teams, getting involved in M&A, financings, biz dev/corp dev, etc. Invested in Snowflake (SNOW—biggest IPO in history of software), MuleSoft (IPO), ForeScout (IPO), DocuSign (IPO), etc. The next phase was obvious: blend the two skills: talent and venture and build a really unique company. So he hired his best performers from the last company, expanded to a superstar team, and the rest is history (in the making). The firm’s clients have already generated $150 BILLION DOLLARS in returns, with tens of billions on tap for 2021. One could assume the thesis is working.


  • Founder, GTM & VC

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