Carolin Lockwood

Business Partner Deal Desk at Aspect Software, Inc.

Carolin Lockwood has a diverse work experience spanning over several companies and roles. Carolin began their career at PTC UK Ltd in 1995 as a Revenue Controller for Northern Europe. In this role, they built and developed the finance department in Sweden and later relocated to the UK to improve the EMEA Revenue Department.

Following their time at PTC UK Ltd, Carolin joined Bea Systems Ltd as a Regional Controller for Northern Europe. Carolin worked closely with the sales team to ensure compliance with GAAP and successfully relocated the accounting function from the Nordic countries into a shared service center.

Carolin then moved on to become the European Finance Director at Blue Martini Software (Escalate Retail). In this role, they played a strategic role in all aspects of finance and accounting and successfully set up the European business.

In 2008, Carolin joined Clockwood Ltd as a Finance Director. During their time there, they were responsible for setting up the European business and handled various tasks such as revenue recognition analysis, accounts, payroll, HR, system integration and development, and financial planning.

Carolin then worked at RedPrairie as the Director of Customer Contracts. In this role, they collaborated with the sales and legal teams in contract negotiations to ensure compliance with US GAAP and business terms. Carolin also project managed the creation of RP's Price Guide.

Carolin'smost recent role was at Aspect Software as a Business Partner Deal Desk. Unfortunately, the specific details of this role, including the start and end dates, are not provided in the information given.

Overall, Carolin has demonstrated extensive experience in finance and accounting, strategic planning, contract negotiation, and business setup.

Carolin Lockwood attended Lund University from 1987 to 1991 and obtained a Bachelor of Economics degree with a focus on Economics. Carolin then pursued further education at Lund University School of Economics and Management, where they obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) in Finance and Financial Management Services. There is no available information regarding any additional certifications from KPMG or any other institution.



  • Business Partner Deal Desk

    February, 2013 - present

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