Associa provides management and consultancy services.





Org chart

John J. Carona
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Brock
President, Digital & Technology Services & Chief Information Officer
Andrew S. Fortin
Senior Vice President, External Affairs
Angela Frieling
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Brian Kruppa
Executive Vice President, General Counsel
Chelle O'Keefe
Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer
Craig Lubaczewski
Senior Vice President, East Region Operations
Helen Eden Carona
Executive Vice President & Chief Corporate Officer
Jon Hunter
Chief Operating Officer
Jose Bosco Maldonado
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Matt Steele
Senior Vice President, Integrated Services
Michael Packard
Senior Vice President, Acquisitions
Sean West
Senior Vice President, Sales
Shannon Streenz
Senior Vice President, Client Service Operations
Todd Cooper
President, Canada and International Division