Roger Manley

Managing Principal at BB+M Architecture

Roger Manley is the managing principal at BB+M Architecture. Roger has over twenty-five years of experience in the architecture and construction industry.

Manley started their career in the United States Air Force where they served as a project architect and chief of operations. Roger was responsible for base level projects at Lowry AFB in Denver, Colorado and Lajes Field in Azores, Portugal.

In 1996, Manley left the Air Force and joined BRPH Architects-Engineers, Inc. Roger worked on projects for Universal Studios, NASA, and the USAF. In 1998, they transferred to Little Diversified Architectural Consulting as a senior project manager. Roger managed office and corporate office projects as well as special projects.

In 2005, Manley became the managing principal at BB+M Architecture. Roger has overseen the construction of many notable buildings including hospitals, schools, office buildings, and government buildings.

Roger Manley completed their undergraduate degree in architecture at the University of Notre Dame.

A direct report to Roger Manley is and Victoria Ennever - Controller. They work with Brian Bunce - Managing Principal, Heath Wickline - Associate Principal, Project Manager, and Carey Sikes - Associate Principal, Project Manager. Roger Manley reports to Tripp Beacham, Managing Principal.


  • Managing Principal

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