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Org chart

Ankur Jain
Founder & CEO
Daniel Seder
Chief Operating Officer
Zoe Oz
Chief Marketing Officer
David M. Wyler
Chief Growth Officer
Erick Rabin
General Counsel
Alyssa Bonanno
Executive Creative Director
David Canty
Head of Loyalty & Partnerships
Christopher Edwards
Head of Product
Lauren Doyle
Head Of Communications
Jonathan Lawless
Head of Homeownership
Brandt Smallwood
Head of Card
Kosta Krauth
Head of Software Engineering
JohnPaul Morales
Senior Director, Bilt Rewards Alliance
Tracy Crone
Technical Account Director
Will Laughlin
Director, Engineering
Will Mayer
Senior Advisor

Board & Advisors

People not yet in org chart

Director Of Operations
Vacant position
Daniel Budick
Unknown Role
Cody Worrell
Unknown Role
Dylan McIntyre
Unknown Role
Dani Harris
Unknown Role
David Wyler
Unknown Role
Web Designer
Vacant position
CX Team Member
Vacant position
Data Analyst
Vacant position
QA Engineer
Vacant position
CX Remote Team Member
Vacant position