Taj Corinaldi

Vice President Of Product Management at Caffeine

Taj Corinaldi has a diverse and extensive work experience in product management and strategy roles.

Starting in 2006, Taj worked at Google as an Account Strategist and later as an Associate Business Marketing Manager. Taj then transitioned to Capgemini Consulting in 2010, where they took on the role of Project Management, specializing in Change Management. Taj demonstrated strong leadership skills by guiding cross-functional teams, presenting project updates to senior leadership, and executing successful client migrations.

In 2012, Taj joined Sony as a Digital Strategy MBA fellow. Here, they focused on developing new product and service ideas that utilized Sony technology and the Harry Potter brand/IP. This included modeling financial projections and revenue potential for various programs.

Later, Taj became the Head of Content & Product Strategy at HyperTV in 2013. They collaborated with TV networks to create engaging and interactive content for the second screen. Taj offered thought-leadership on content ecosystem and multi-screen strategies, while also pitching new app and content ideas to networks.

In 2014, Taj joined SNAP Interactive, Inc. as a Product Manager, where they led customer onboarding, monetization, and re-engagement strategies across multiple platforms. Taj also created feature requirements documentation for large-scale user stories.

From 2016 to 2017, Taj worked at Fullscreen Media as a Senior Product Manager. In this role, Taj led a cross-functional Agile team to build and launch a social video-on-demand (SVOD) app on Android and TV platforms, with a focus on driving user engagement.

Following Fullscreen Media, Taj joined Hulu in 2017 as a Senior Product Manager for Strategic Partnerships. Taj successfully launched and optimized partnerships, driving substantial subscriber growth. They also provided guidance to leadership on partner engagement levels and collaborated cross-functionally for high-profile launches.

Starting in 2019, Taj worked at Facebook, specializing in Product - Emerging Businesses & Creator Monetization. Taj was responsible for driving the growth and monetization of emerging businesses and creators. This role provided valuable insights and experience in product strategy and development.

Most recently, Taj joined Caffeine in 2021 as the Vice President Of Product Management. Details of this role were not provided, but Taj brings significant expertise and leadership to this position.

Taj Corinaldi completed a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Digital Strategy & Entrepreneurship from NYU Stern School of Business between 2011 and 2013. Prior to that, Taj attended Carnegie Mellon University, although the exact dates are unknown, where they pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Japanese. Taj's early education took place at Norfolk Academy.


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