Beau Gunderson

Chief Technology Officer at Canvas Medical

Beau, Canvas Medical’s Chief Technology Officer, is a data engineer with a focus on health and genetic data. He likens his role at Canvas to that of a gardener, planting the seeds for new technology that helps clinicians and their patients thrive, nurturing its growth, and judiciously pruning any processes that complicate the platform as needed.

Beau believes that empathy should be a core competency of anyone making software. He is passionate about writing software that helps people and about supporting and motivating his team towards excellence. Before Canvas, Beau worked with Andrew Hines at Practice Fusion and helped move science forward at Open Humans Foundation, a platform where anyone can upload, connect, and store personal data and join and contribute to diverse research projects. He currently serves on the Board of Directors at Open Humans and has been a contributor to nearly 300 open source projects. Beau lives in the Pacific Northwest and enjoys motorcycle touring, photography, and making music in his free time.


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