Costco Wholesale


Originally named "Price Club" in 1976, Costco started out by serving small businesses while additionally targeting a selected audience of non-business members. Because of their specific strategy, they quickly became successful. Today, they are one of the largest retailers in the world and retailer o... Read more






W. Craig Jelinek

Ron M. Vachris
President & COO
Russ Miller
EVP & COO, Southwest Division & Mexico
Joseph P. Portera
EVP, COO-Eastern & Canadian Divisions & Chief Diversity Officer
James Klauer
EVP & COO, Northern Division
Javier Polit
EVP & CIO, Information Technology
Terry Williams
SVP & CIO, Information Systems
John Sullivan
EVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Patrick J. Callans
EVP, Administration
David Messner
SVP, Real Estate Development
Mike Parrott
SVP, Ecommerce
William Koza
SVP, General Manager, Midwest Region
Teresa Jones
SVP, Depots & Traffic
Robert Parker
SVP, Business Centers
Angelina Chaparro
SVP & GM, Bay Area Region
Richard C. Chavez
SVP, Costco Wholesale Industries & Business Development
Walt Shafer
SVP & General Manager, Lincoln Premium Poultry
Richard Chang
SVP & General Manager, Asia
Sheri Flies
SVP, Global Sustainability & Compliance
Peter Gruening
SVP, Membership, Marketing & Member Service Centers
Scott O'Brien
SVP, Merchansiding, Fresh Foods
Louie Silveira
SVP & General Manager, Europe

Behind the scenes


Respect our suppliers

Take care of our employees

Take care of our members

Obey the law