Champion Timber


Good quality timber is a joy to work with and creates a better job. In fact, cheap timber is often a false economy, as anyone who has had to deal with excessive knots, warped joists or splitting timber knows. We source our own timber from Northern Scandinavia, machine it in-house and sell it direct... Read more





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Behind the scenes



Our commercial fleet is entirely made up of Euro 6 standard vehicles. The software we use provides the most efficient daily routes for our delivery vehicles. Telematics software is used to monitor driver styles and provide coaching and guidance to ensure safe and efficient driving practices are maintained. We are FORs Silver accredited, which involves being audited to demonstrate robust fleet management processes, including enhanced fuel efficiency measures.

Waste Management & Recycling

We continually review all areas of our branch procedures to minimise and reduce the volume of waste we produce. New Malden, our largest site, uses a Biomass heating system. This is a renewable energy source fuelled by wood waste generated in the branch. Our Edenbridge Mill collects and recycles wood shavings that are then used for livestock bedding.


We strive to reduce our packaging and waste by working closely with suppliers. We work with an accredited agent to ensure we are compliant with Packaging & Waste regulations. Packaging has been reduced by over 20% in the last 3 years.