Cherre is the leader in real estate data and insight. They connect decision makers to accurate property and market information, and help them make faster, smarter decisions.







Org chart

L.D. Salmanson
CEO & Co-Founder

L.D. Salmanson

Ben Hizak
Co-Founder & CPO
Ori Lotan
Chief Customer Officer
Kevin Mattice
Chief Product Officer
Tama Huang
Chief Strategy & Growth Officer
Bhrvinder Gill
Senior Director
Patrick Binette
Sales and Partnerships Coordinator
Robert Walker
Sales Development



In crowds we have unison, in groups harmony. We want the single voice but not the single note; that is the secret of the group. – Mary Parker Follett • Every win for the company is shared by all members of the team, but so is every loss. • We are a group of smart people with different experiences, ideas, and approaches; give everyone an opportunity to express themselves and judge ideas based on merit. • We will succeed more often, and with more impact, as a team rather than as a group of individuals.


What really distinguishes this generation... from earlier generations is its determination to act, its joy in action, the assurance of being able to change things by one’s own efforts. – Hannah Arendt • Whether it’s within your discipline, or our domain, or any area that interests you, you will always strive to learn and do more. • Inaction will never lead to growth -- of you as an individual, or of us as a team. • Passion for your work and our mission is not a nice-to-have, it’s essential for our mutual success.


Empathy is a tool for building people into groups, for allowing us to function as more than self-obsessed individuals. – Neil Gaiman • Always assume best intent and that each and every member of the team is trying to make our product and work better. • Not everyone works or expresses themselves in the same way; take the time to listen and understand without judgment. • Asking “why” is a necessary tool to best understand all aspects of our business, from the technical decisions made to the actual needs of our customers. • Be open to trying something outside of your comfort zone. • Leadership means people look to you because they think you can help them, not because you say you can. • Your peers will judge you on how much value you’ve added to Cherre, irrespective of your title.


I realized that if I was willing to step up and be in the spotlight, I’d be able to make everyone else around me much more powerful as well. – Alaina Percival • As a growing company, our needs will constantly be changing; use your skills, experience, and knowledge to help us succeed wherever you can. • The phrase “not my responsibility” does not exist in our vocabulary. • We all share responsibility in addressing known failures and speaking up when we anticipate potential failures; if we cannot prevent or fix ourselves, we should seek out those who can.

Real Estate Knowledge

An expert is a person who has found out by his own painful experience all the mistakes that one can make in a very narrow field. – Niels Bohr • Our value is not in our technical skills alone, but in the merging of those skills with extreme knowledge of our space; this differentiates us from other data companies. • By using this domain knowledge to inform our technical designs, we will build the best product for our customers. • Understanding our data and its value to our customers is the path to success for any member of our team.


At the top of the mountain we are all snow leopards. – Hunter S. Thompson • Our data is the best available and it is the responsibility of each team member to ensure that it remains that way. • Experimentation leads to excellence by way of failure; each time we fail, we learn and use that learning to improve. • We are our best selves when we live by these values.