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Org chart

Sean Murray

Ashish Aggarwal
Founder & CTO
Yezi Peng
Head of Business Operations
Josh Mullis, CISSP
Head of Information Security
Josh Mullis
Head of InfoSec
Marketa Rose Williams
Director of Demand Generation
Kanav Gandhi
Director of Product Management
Tiffany Fong
Director, Accounting & Finance
Tejal J
Director, Customer Success
Michelle Seitz
Director, Customer Experience
Paula Penariu
Customer Success Manager
Arman Escobar
Customer Success Manager
Andrew Tayo
Enterprise Customer Success Manager
Lisa Quinn
Enterprise Customer Success Manager
Doug O'Brien
Customer Success Manager, Enterprise
Jawad Khan
Senior Lead Analyst
Aniket Kumar Pandey
Customer Operations Lead
Ashitha s
Customer Operations Lead
Joe Vassel
Enterprise Team Lead, Customer Success
Zachary F.
Team Lead, Customer Success Manager Strategic Accounts
Dee pak
Customer Operations Analyst
Rohan Dahiya
Senior Customer Operations Analyst
Rohith P M
Senior Analyst
Sushant Ghoshal
Customer Operations Analyst
Uzma Wani
Customer Operations Analyst