Paul Double

The Remembrancer at City of London Corporation

The Remembrancer is one of the City's four Law Officers and the Office is responsible for the maintenance and protection of the City’s constitution. He is the City's Parliamentary Agent and the Parliamentary Agent for the Honourable the Irish Society, and the City's Chief of Protocol. The Office was created in 1571.

In its early years it was closely allied to the Monarch and the Court, and this is reflected in some of its functions today which include liaison between the City and the Royal Households. The Office acts as a channel of communication between Parliament and the City.

In the contemporary context, this means day to day examination of Parliamentary business including examination of and briefing on proposed legislation and amendments to it, regular liaison with the Select Committees of both Houses and contact with officials in Government departments dealing with Parliamentary Bills. Liaison is also maintained with the City Office in Brussels and other Member States' permanent representations in relation to draft EU legislation.

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