Jens Bom

Language Lead - Danish at Classpass

Jens Bom has worked at multiple companies in various roles related to copywriting, translation, transcreation, and voiceover direction. Jens started their career at Google in 2019 as a Copywriter and later worked at TAKT as a Translator. In 2019, they also joined ClassPass as a Language Lead for Danish. In 2021, they worked at Wolfestone and Locaria as a Transcreator. In 2018, they worked as a Translator at Trainline. In 2021, Jens joined LinkedIn as an External Supplier. Jens then joined Trek Bicycle in 2022 as a Transcreator, where they wrote marketing material in Danish. In the same year, they worked at Jellyfish as a Copy Validator. Currently, Jens is working at RWS Group, starting in 2015, where they are involved in voiceover direction and various other roles related to copywriting, translation, and quality control.

Jens Bom attended Copenhagen Business School from 1990 to 1994, where they obtained a Certification in Specialized Language for Business in English and Spanish. Jens'sprimary field of study during this period was Languages.



  • Language Lead - Danish

    June, 2019 - present

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