Patricia Prato-Casado (She/her)

Director of Regulatory Affairs at ClearEstate

Lawyer & MBA; obsessed about finding practical solutions to problems; technology enthusiast; passionate about innovation; curious about human behaviour and cultures. Venezuelan born, soon-to-be Canadian citizen! Hot yoga regular; avid traveller; water-sports fanatic; music lover. ENFP-A.


Montréal, Canada


Work style

How I prefer to work

Remote & Office


Mostly in a team

Qualities I value in my colleagues

  • Honesty
  • adaptability
  • efficiency
  • ownership
  • team spirit

My communication style

  • Casual
  • curious
  • genuine
  • tactful
  • direct

My pet peeves

  • Close-mindedness
  • disrespectfulness
  • pessimism
  • dishonesty

Fun fact

I've been changing cities every 6-12 months for the past 7 years.

Personal Q&A

  • What is your favourite quote?

    Strong opinions loosely held.


  • Director of Regulatory Affairs

    Current role

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